Doesn't care about school. Has to care for Mum.

Young boy in a red shirt with braided hair sitting outside in an urban area.

Across the country, 120,000 young carers look after a family member or friend.

For many teenagers, looking after someone close to them means they can’t look after their own futures. They have no choice but to juggle school and homework alongside collecting prescriptions, looking after younger siblings, and helping their parents get dressed. Their responsibilities at home leave them unable to focus on their education, and right now, these young people simply aren’t being heard. Too often, they’re left to struggle alone with adult responsibilities, their childhoods under threat. 

But there’s hope…

We make sure young carers no longer face their stresses alone and campaign for the support they need, so that they’re protected long into the future. Our specialist project workers support young carers so that they can understand their rights, have time for themselves, and share their experiences. Young carers are doing the best they can, but still need to be cared for themselves

"It makes me feel worth more and like I deserve to be here, alive and happy. Thank you." - a young person attending our Young Carers Festival

Teenagers are children too, and a future of hope and happiness belongs to every one of them. 

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